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  • Hunting whale in Japan! Worth for money or just to eat?

    I just got a piece of information that Japan allows the whale hunting again..after 30 years.
    The first source was from my friend so I did check on the Internet and would sure that this happened, and here is the article from TheGuardian "https://www.theguardian.com/world/20...me-in-30-years".

    This is actually bad news for the entire earth's environment. I can understand that there one whale can be sold and earn a lot of money so I don't want to mention the economics aspect. In the article, I cited above, Japanese people (old generation) believe that the "whale meat" is so much delicious and a lot of Japanese younger generations do not know how to cook or eat it. And they feel waste.

    But, it's really worth for money or just to eat?

    The whale is one of the most environment-friendly animal on earth. According to the IFM, each whale is equal to an Amazon jungle, they provide 50% O2 for the earth and take CO2 equivalent 1,7 billion of trees!!!

    This is just a small fact about how Whale is so important with the earth's environment more than the money or how they taste !!!
    I don't know why the Japanese can alow the whale hunting while this so precious animal.
    I believe this is the wrong decision and hope that they will stop soon.

    What do you think about this mater? Do you still think the Japanese still care about the environment???

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    In general, I think whales should be protected just like dolphins and sharks. There has been some sort of imbalance in the ecosystem because of the illegal activities that these marine creatures have fallen into. It's really sad that people still value tradition and livelihood more than the adjustments that we have for the environment's current state which is quite unnerving because even those who've been stuck to such practices would be experiencing the effects of that imbalance in the next years. The government plays a crucial role in disseminating information and educating the citizens as to how to protect the environment. It's really up to them how to deal with it and for the citizens to be able to take heed of this matter. No matter how the social media would call out issues like this, it still won't work. Why? The people who practice such traditional and livelihood related activities may not have any access to technology at all.


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      yes, you're right Kazehayakun, the problem is from the government, they should know the importance of whale and other marine animals with ecosystem. And the traditional or old people they don t really know the meaning of whale so that they had encouraged this :(