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  • Second-hand stuff in Japan

    Since I been in Japan, I was surprised there are many many Second-hand stores. If you have a plan on going to Japan you should take a look into Second-hand stores. And for whom has been here for a long time, you supposed to hear about Book off and Hard off, right?
    There are many places also sell high-end stuff (2-hand of course) but in very good condition and with about 50% off the original price ))
    And if you looking for cool unique clothes but hard to find or do not know where to buy, go to 2-hand shop )

    I and my friend saved a lot of money and found much interesting stuff in those shops:'>

    Have you ever buy anything in 2-hand shop in Japan???

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    That's really interesting! I usually buy second hand stuff too especially clothes. I remember a neighbor we had who worked in Japan for sometime mentioned that the Japanese dispose of their appliances and furniture even if they are in good conditon. Some families change their household stuff every year and some foreigners are able to purchase them in stores like you mentioned. It's like the saying that goes, "Some people trash is other people's treasure". Well it might be too literal but second hand stuff might just be the things other people need and couldn't afford paying for if brand new. It's like helping other people get what they need without really putting effort into it.


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      Yes! Second hand stores are something people should check out in Japan. IT IS GLORIOUS! You will be able to see designer items them that doesn't looked liked it was used for half the price. Japanese are generally very careful with their items. It is unbelievable how you get to score a lot of items in there.


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        This is so true! There are lots of 2nd hand stores in Japan and we always find time to look very good items that are still in good condition. I haven't bought any clothes yet but my target items are always their second hand cameras. I still have some of them this very day and they're working. I still don't know why they sold it, or perhaps they just happen to buy a better one. Still, those 2nd hand cameras are a great find. When I return to Japan, I'm gonna start looking for 2nd hand laptops. I've been told that they also have a very good 2nd hand laptops there that are cheap but still has top-notch quality.


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          If this is true then maybe it's the reason why there are Japan Surplus shops that seem to increase every year. I think they're getting their products from that 50 % off second-hand items. They don't include gadgets like laptops and mobile phones though. Those Japan surplus shops that I saw include house ornaments, wheelchair, tables and chairs and the like. If I think about their price, it's already low compared to the ones in Japan, so they must've gotten it for a very low price in bulk before they started selling them.