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  • Corona Virus: No Panic for Non-congested Areas in Japan

    This is something I noticed as I roam around Japan this past few weeks but the panic regarding the Virus only tends to get extreme around Tokyo and Osaka only. I didn't notice that much fuss and people using mask in Kyoto, Hokkaido and Kobe areas. The mask are this available, and in normal rate also. But in Osaka and especially Tokyo, every shops are emptied with mask, alcohols etc.. Maybe its because this is where tourist are usually at?

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    I believe Tokyo and Osaka are 2 big cities in Japan, and people here aware of the dangers of this virus. There are a lot of foreigners in these places too so the people would face a higher rate of infection. But Japanese people are still so optimistic about this virus and have a strong belief that they will be "ok" .


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      Prevention is better than cure. I talked about this to a friend in the US and we were sharing what our countries are doing to make sure that the virus won't spread. Where I'm from, travellers from suspected countries are put in quarantine for weeks just to make sure that they're not getting others sick and if in case they have it they are properly monitored. Japan's optimism is something worth emulating, too but we all still have to cautious and vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus. We have to keep safe no matter how inconvenient things could get. We also have to eat and live healthy and boost our immune system so that we are not easily infected. Instead of panicking, we just have to care for ourselves and our loved ones calmly so that it will not escalate nonsensically.