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  • Have you been to Osaka Castle with lots of cherry blossoms?

    I want to go to Osaka Castle when there are lots of cherry blossoms. I've seen lots of vlogs about it and it looks really great and huge. I just think that it'll be better for me to go there when there are cherry blossoms as well and see the are in pink. That would be really awesome. A friend of mine was there in April and said that there are still Sakura Trees that are blooming but it's not so much as how they should bloom during March. I hope I can be there at the right time when it's still pink with Sakura Trees just like this.
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    Wow! The castle and the sakura looks incredibly pretty! One of the reasons why I really want to take a trip to Japan, is seeing the cherry blossoms and the castles. I've been into history and royalty for a really long time because of my late Mom's influence. I've watched a couple of doramas about Japanese royalty and the shogunate and I've always been amazed of how regal, powerful and reserved their lifestyle is. I am always in awe of the history of the country and how complicated and culturally rich their life was back then. This castle will surely be in my list of places to visit.


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      It is! I have seen it but I personally think the whole view looks beautiful from a far when you are near the water area (on the park). The reflection of all lined up sakura tries on the water makes it more picturesque. Its so dreamy.


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        If you really want to see the blossoms in full bloom, you'd have to book a ... Osaka Castle Park: The park around the castle is filled with cherry trees