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  • How would you like to have a home in Japan for free?

    Have you ever seen advertisements that say " akiya homes for sale"? Akiya homes are abandoned homes. In 2018, the Japanese government estimated 8 million abandoned homes in their country due to a lot of reasons. Some just moved out to start their own family elsewhere. Some moved out due to a natural disaster. As you know, there are lots of earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan that may result in the people migrating elsewhere. Some say that they would even give their homes for free just so the property won't be abandoned and would end up being swarmed with grass and etc. And of course, Japanese are superstitious and would often give their homes for a very low cost or for free due to some belief that it's haunted with evil spirits and the like. Whether it's haunted or not, if it's in a peaceful area, I think I'll take it.

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    Well, what if it's haunted with evil spirits?
    BTW, I have never heard of anything like this before.


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      I've always wanted to go to Japan, and even live there, but I thought it was out of my reach. After hearing about akiya properties I think there might be a chance for me to make my dream a reality. What would you guys recommend me to do with a budget of 20k USD? That is the total I have for paying for the property, consultant and taxes.