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  • Internet Platforms for Accommodation

    So, I am wondering if a lot of people here tends to do their trips DIY for Japan. This is something I tend to do since I find it cheaper than going through travel agencies especially since it is not my first time anymore. I have been using different platforms to book my accommodation, but the one I used most is Agoda and Airbnb. Agoda gives you a lot of discounts coupons if you are subscribed via email and is so far gave you the lowest price possible for Hotels. As for airbnb, it is one of the famous platforms for houses and apartments or rooms that is budget friendly.

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    Our trips to Japan are usually DIY, but not in all aspects. For example, we book the flight through an agency since they sometimes have their own seat sales. As for the hotels, we usually book them through AirBnb since it's cheaper and better than other platforms when it comes to accommodations. You may want to go on a group tour but we just do it ourselves so we can always find time to relax in places where we want to go. I think Trivago can also help you with your internet accommodations as well as your trips. They always seem to be updated with the prices of flights etc.