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  • Dating Frustration: Why is it so different!

    So I started going out now with a Japanese male co-worker after giving him a chocolate this valentines day. But I am not a Japanese and I am a little frustrated on how things are going. Maybe, it is because I was hoping that something will change since we are together but I was a bit surprise of how normal it turned into after. We still split the bills if we ever decide to go out (which is rare since he loves doing date inside each other's house). Its not like I am expecting him to shoulder everything but I think its better to do a cycle like I will pay this time and you will pay next time kind of thing. Its just so that there's a little shift! It doesn't help that he is not very vocal about things. *sigh*

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    yeah, it's quite weird... but don't worry! It just takes time and might be that his personality that money should be clear and split (this is Japanese people culture I believe). You should ask your other co-worker to understand this situation more that is this kind of culture or a sign of "just friend"? I really understand you I would expect that my partner can to the circle shift too.