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  • Wear a kimono for free?

    I think you can rent a kimono for at least 5000 yen. This is really popular with tourists who are touring Japan especially if they are going to a Japanese or other event. If you want some more designs like a costume for a samurai or a geisha, you may end up paying more. If you're going to Tokyo though, you may wear a kimono for free if you go to the JNTO office in the Marunouchi area. Yes, that's for free! JNTO is Japan National Tourism Organization and they offer this service for tourists in their area. Isn't it nice?

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    This is really convenient for those who're travelling on a tight budget. Wearing national costumes in countries where you visit especially those with really colorful and iconic attire is probably one of the best memories you can keep from your trips. The kimono is one of the most popular Asian costumes and especially ones that are similar to the ensembles worn by royalty or the geishas and oirans because they are very flamboyant and great for posting in social media accounts like IG. And if you ever get the chance to wear a kimono and get hair and make up, too, then that would be really wonderful.