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  • Do you know Gyomu ? :)

    Have you guys ever heard about "Gyomu supermarket" ?
    If you have stayed in Japan long enough, you definitely, once in your life, come to check around this place.

    "Gyomu" is the brand name of supermarket that sells frozen food. In this supermarket, you can find everything in the frozen condition. For example, meat, vegetables, fish and fruits. Because that food is a frozen condition, the price is so much cheap that whoever comes to this supermarket, they definitely bought somethings.

    One week after staying in Japan I found the food is more expensive than my country about 3 times. But then I was shown the "Gyoumu" )) I really appreciated my friend at that time When I started to buy food in Goyomu, food expense was not my worry.

    For the first time in my life, I found so many foods that extremely cheap. There even has fried chicken bucket (it delicious) and many kinds of meat there. I bought many things in order to save money. Rice and oil, spicy,...

    But anyway, because the foods are not fresh, I feel my dish not delicious anymore. When I have more money, I changed, I only bought "dry" food from Gyomu and bought vegetable and meat from the normal supermarket.

    I have to admit that Gyomu has saved me in the time I had low budget )))

    Have you ever buy anything in Gyomu?? If you not, believe me, check Google Maps, its everywhere and sell everything at a cheap price!

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    That sounds interesting! I will have to check this whenever I am using airbnb for money saving! Thank you so much!