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  • Japanese Yakitori is a chicken lovers dream...!

    Yakitori, literally meaning “grilled chicken” and is an easy Japanese grilled dish served on skewers. The chicken is basted with a savory sweet sauce this is all I know. I never had a chance to try one but if you are lucky enough to taste one let us know about your experience.

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    Yakitori is one of my favourite Japanese food.
    Most of Izakaya has yakitori, but I recommend you to go to somewhere "chicken focused Izakaya" like, ”Toriyoshi" "Torikizoku"(as you know tori means chicken)

    Japanese yakitori is so tasty, it is perfect combination with beer.
    when you order yakitori, you usually have to choose sauce or salt.
    I prefer sauce, but salt is also nice,
    Actually, in yakitori restaurant, you can try lots of part of chicken, it's not only thigh, lever, chicken mince balls, soft chicken bone as well.
    as I am live in abroad, I miss yakitori very much.