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  • JR Pass Packaging

    Has anyone availed the JR pass and wondered why it looks so huge (bigger than a passport) and not water proof? I mean't why can't it be like Icoca or Suica (a plastic card) and not a paper booklet with a ticket glued on it with some plastic covering the ticket. It is a hassle if you don't have a bag since you can't place it in your wallet like the other cards for transportation. I am just a little disappointed. If you are paying around 28,000 yen for a pass, I am expecting it be packaged well!

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    travelmonkey , I have never known about this before. But I just have checked! This "JR Pass Packaging" is super convenient, right? You can travel free unless you still on the JR line! It would safe a lot of money I have to have this one if I am tending to travel! And yes, I did see the image it looks like a paper flyer and can not imagine that so powerful ...