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  • Top 10 Reasons not to Move to Japan

    'Nobita in Japan' recently did an interesting video to of 'Top 10 Reasons not to Move to Japan', he is very pro Japan, but decided to put out a video to balance the people moving to Japan with stars in their eyes ...

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    This is a very good video and he addressed a very good topic that people tend to forget. This goes for other countries too but I guess there are lots of people who wanted to move to Japan without realizing that they may have bad things there as well, just like in our own country. I'm surprised that he mentioned job-hopping where even if you already worked for 5 years in a company and you're switching to another one, you may still be considered not loyal. Then there's separation of Japanese and Non-Japanese people. I think it would be really lonely for anyone who move there thinking they can easily socialize with anyone then suddenly feel the pressure of being separated because they're non-Japanese.


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      I watched the part 1 of this video and it's quite reasonable. I mean you have to be able to research well first if a country is good for you or not and videos like this one could be very informative for those who have plans of moving in. I followed a couple's channel in Youtube with their move out of South Korea and to Japan a couple of years ago(?), and some of these were mentioned, like it's hard to be friends with Japanese people especially if you're non-Japanese. The couple was from Europe but they've lived in Asia for years already. They were able to compare their life in South Korea with their current one in Japan and the most common point they've stressed out is that Japan is more reserved and there have been restrictions that they didn't really experience before. Of course, they've visited the country before they moved but it was still surprising and overwhelming for them at some point when they were already settled down in their new home. They did like the country because until now they still live there despite them being Non-Japanese and having to go through so many changes; and they're still vlogging about Japan until now, too.