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  • Kyoto is a very good option too other than Tokyo

    Since Tokyo is the main capital of Japan, there are times when the city is really crowded. Especially when there are world events that will be hosted in Tokyo such as the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. You can be sure that the city will be filled with thousands of tourists. There are lots of beautiful places that you should go in Tokyo but if you feel that you won't find it fun with lots of other people around, then you may want to opt for Kyoto instead. Kyoto is their old capital and the beauty of the old city was preserved. I would really love to go back in this place again and see the beautiful tourist attractions here. There are lots of beautiful temples in Kyoto as well that I'm sure you'll loved. My favorite is the Fushimi Nari Shrine that is filled with pillars. You just need to prepare for a lot of walking though as the entire shrine is built on top of a mountain.

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    I went to Tokyo so many times that I start wondering that "Japan does not have only Tokyo, right"...I am looking for other places. I have heard many of my friends, they gave a lot of compliments for Kyoto. They even think that Kyoto is so much better than Tokyo I probably save money and have a trip to Kyoto this summer:'> thank you for the recommendation Yagami


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      Kyoto is so under rated! It certainly has this old Japan charm not to mention the Sake there is amazing! They tend to do drinking around this huge river and it is so relaxing.


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        I live going to Kyoto whenever I can as it's the best place I've been so far in Japan. Tokyo is their capital city and although there are lots of other very good places to go to there, it's still a city, much like other cities in our countries. I think that's the reason that I prefer other tourist attractions that are related more to nature because those are the natural beauty of places I'll want to see. Like the Golden Temple. What you see in the pictures is beautiful and even more so when you're actually there and see the other beautiful scenery not shown in the pictures.