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  • JR Pass Changes for 2020! Things are getting better.

    Some good news for JR Pass (not its packaging unfortunately) is that this 2020, there were no more exchange orders! Starting spring, you can buy the JR pass online. No more travel agencies! Also, you can just simply use the unreserved seats in trains (although not all trains give areas for unreserved seats, but a good portion of it is!) You automatically get a seat reserve when purchasing a seat in Shinkansen except for JR pas user that is. So if it isn't peak season, you will clearly be able to fully use them! I believe there is also an improvement of it being used in electric gates soon. I am so excited to be back.

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    wow! such good news for people who first come to Japan Japan is really caring for this event. And not only the train but everything from the stores and conveniences is better day by day in my place, they even fixed and improved the station