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  • Haneda vs Tokyo for Airports

    I am booking some flights to Tokyo around Autumn and there is two options for the Airport. Can anyone help me of which of them is the best option both time spent and financially? I wanna weigh in my option since I am bringing a lot of clothes since I get cold easily and I don't want to pick something inconvenient but I am also in a tight budget.

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    Dear @travelmonkey,
    This is from my "hurt for my wallet" experience that I want to let you know. Haneda is so much near Tokyo than the Narita !!!
    I did not know this before so I just wasted 2 times of money for traveling! You could check the Google map for the distance and see a big difference
    Moreover, the station in Haneda is so much more easy to make (you just need to take an elevator and go to the downstair). Haneda is smaller than Narita so you don't have to walk much and you can easily go to Tokyo by train (2 stations exchange only as I remember). Or if you don't want to take the train, you can take the bus (this is also so much cheaper than from Narita) and you don't have to carry the luggage and have a sit.
    Have a nice trip :').