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  • If you're a tourist, look for a hop on hop off bus tour

    I want to share my Japanese overseas travel experience when I was there for a tour in Osaka Castle. Generally everything was good. We've been assisted very well when we were at the airport. Japanese staffs can speak English so it was easy for us to ask for directions and the like. Originally, were supposed to stay in a hotel in Kyoto but we decided to stay in the city in Osaka for some of the tours in there. Not all restaurants have English speaking staffs but in case they don't they at least have menus in English where you can just point out what food you would like which is really convenient. There are also stores where you need to order your food before sitting but you'll order it through a computer in English so it's also easy. One thing that I guess I didn't like about is that if you're in a public place, it's hard to look for people who can help you with directions since they all seem to avoid me once they see me approaching them. Good thing that there are some bus tours in Osaka that you can take. The tour guides speaks English very well and will say a few things about the place where you're going. If you notice the routes though, you would realize that it really just goes around the city so you can just hop on then hop off where you want to go then just wait for the new bus to arrive so you can easily return where you've been. Really convenient.

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    Thank you so much for the specific guide Arrietty I am having a plan on going to Osaka this year and this is really helpful since I understand that Japanese people are hard to approach . But the ideas of taking bus tour is brilliant )) I can know all the interesting places and understand somethings about it