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  • What's your favorite type of Japanese vending machines?

    You will notice that there's a lot of vending machines almost everywhere you go when you're traveling in Japan. I'm used to seeing vending machines but in Japan, they're literally in every corner of the street. You will usually see vending machines selling the usual soft drinks, coffee, juice and of course, water. They always save me from thirst when I'm taking a long walking tour. My favorite of all is the one that's selling t-shirts. LOL. It's really convenient because I was very sweaty once when touring a park and I really want to change my shirt right away. And this vending machine selling t-shirts just saved my day.

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    I've read about those t-shirt vending machines that are in like plastic cans and I think it's quite practical especially if it's raining and you didn't get buy an umbrella. And oh there are umbrella vending machines, too but well just in case they are not in the area where your route is. I've heard about gadget vending machines but I'm not so sure they are in Japan. That would be one of my favorites. I used to work in a company where we can buy lattes, cappucinos, espresso and the like in a vending machine and of course I really loved it because I don't have to buy instant coffee at the cafeteria anymore and it sells other hot or cold beverages as well. If someone can invent a bubble tea vending machine and sell it worldwide, that would be the most perfect thing ever.


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      Mine is definitely the Glico Ice Cream one! Every flavors is scrumptious and they are best eaten during winter where it doesn't melt easily!