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  • No Postponing Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to Corona Virus

    Since Corona Virus is getting worse as time passed by. There on going talks regarding the possibility of postponing it. However, Tokyo 2020 organizers, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) are dead set and confirmed that it will not be pushed back.

    However, they did postponed volunteer trainings but there is no sign of the event being affected.

    Do you think this is a good idea?

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    Recently, the Corona Virus is getting worst in Japan:'<< But I have to say that Japan's government has prepared so so much money and labor force for this event. In my hometown, they even fixed and improved the station and the stores around. Olympics is the big event and it has been planned for years I think they should wait until the begin and check the situation at that time for sure... Its to soon to cancel it and we hope this virus can be killed soon.


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      It is interesting to know that Japan is still willing to make the Olympics happen in time even though the Corona Virus is getting worse right now.
      I mean all the masks are gone (you go stores to find disposable masks and you can't find a single one), I have seen Japanese use plastic to cover their hands when they touch anything in the train, there are few news in concern of Japan importing products and so on. In other words, Japanese are pretty (if not way too much) panicked by Corona Virus. Maybe it is media that is making Japanese really threatened. 
      I feel like Japan needs to deal with the people first and then see what they can do for the Olympics.


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        This is the first time I've heard of the Olympics Committee facing a virus threat to their events. So no one can really tell how this is going to turn out. People may now show the first symptoms of the corona virus (fever and sweating) when they enter the events area but can already spread it with just a single sneeze. This is a huge event and a huge loss for any country if postponed. But with all the news that there's still no cure for this disease, I don't think anyone will still be interested in watching the events even if they continue.