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  • Summer Olympics 2020 Torch Relay a go?

    I kept on reading news about the Summer Olympics that will happen in July-August that I forgot about the torch relay that will happen earlier this year in March. I don't think it's gonna be too much of a risk for people since it's not really a huge event and they won't follow the torch bearers wherever they go. I wonder if they will still continue it because it's as if they registered their own virus carrier in the country. If ever they push through with the torch relay, they should at least have a measure to cleanse the torch bearers and organizers on each cities wherever they go to to contain the virus.

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    I think the best way to handle the threat of contamination among athletes and officials is to quarantine them for several weeks before the games start. The quarantine has to be effective by the time they arrive in the country. In that way, they will be constantly monitored and if in case there's someone who is infected, proper treatment wil be given accordingly. As for the spectators, I know it sounds weird but it would be best if live audience is limited meaning those who are willing to be on quarantine, too before the games can be allowed to watch. Anway, there will be live coverage of the whole event through multimedia channels so everyone around the world who wants to watch can do so real time and even up close. It's going to be tedious, expensive and time consuming but it could help everyone in the long run. (pun intended)