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  • Sports that will back in Tokyo 2020

    I am so excited to know that they will be bring back Baseball and Softball in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
    That's my favorite sports, because I used to play it with my neighbors during those days.
    It's a good thing baseball has huge fan support in Japan because in the U.S. this beloved "favorite pastime" is on the deline.

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    Yeah, baseball appears to have decline now in the U.S. Japan's baseball community is still healthy as ever as it's even included in their school curriculums so I think this would really be the best that they event that they can promote this sport again. As for the U.S., I think the decline is only due to the fact that there's been so many other sports that have been invented recently and other leisure activities that anyone can do especially in that country. So the growth of the baseball fans has slowed down and this made it appear that it's declining.


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      I'm really glad that baseball games are now included in the coming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. It makes me a bit confused though on how the Olympics Committee chooses what games to include. All this time I thought they have these roster of games that will always be included. Like basketball, taekwondo, swimming, gymnastics. Maybe it just happens that Japan is the host country so they can include some of the games that are popular there like baseball. This makes me think, what if they include Sumo Wrestling as part of the Olympic Games? I can't imagine other people playing Sumo other than Japanese.